A Lake District tour is not complete without enjoying the view at Castlerigg Stone Circle.

One of our favourite places to show visitors on our Lake District tours is Castlerigg Stone Circle, near Keswick.

The main reason to visit this location is to enjoy the unrivalled 360 degree view taking in the surrounding fells, with Helvellyn, Skiddaw and Blencathra (Saddleback) all within view.   

Castlerigg-At-Night-Andrew-Bowness.jpgAbove: Castlerigg Stone Circle at Night by Andrew Bowness

There are 48 stones in total, 38 of which are set in a circle, with a radius of approx. 15 metres, a smaller rectangle of 10 stones set within the circle.

Standing-Stones-at-Castlerigg.jpgAbove: Night Time at the Stone Circle by Andrew Bowness

When you stand at Castlerigg you find yourself asking When? Why? How?

Well know roughly when, with it being possibly one of the earliest stone circles in the country, it was constructed around 3000 bc, its main claim is its thought to be older than Stonehenge. 

The main mystery is why?

Well it was constructed in the Neolithic period but its origins are unknown, it may have been for religious, trading or ceremonial purposes.

It has not been extensively excavated so what lies beneath is unknown.

How is another mystery.

With the tallest stone being 2.3 metres high, would it have been very difficult to bring stones in from another site without machinery or tools.

However, stones have been moved from their original positions and three stones axes originating from the Langdale area.

Moody-Castleigg-Andrew-Bowness.jpgAbove: Moody Weather at Castlerigg Stone Circle by Andrew Bowness

Moving right forward in history to 1913, Canon Hardwicke Ransley (one of the founders of the National Trust) bought it.

Castlerigg is presently managed by English Heritage, with the land owned by the National Trust.   

You can visit and enjoy the view at Castlerigg Stone Circle on a number of our Lake District tours.

Ten lakes spectacular tour available from Windermere & Keswick, along with 4 other start points.

Six lakes in a morning tour available from Windermere & Ambleside

The Lake District loop tour available from Keswick

The winter ten lakes spectacular tour available from Ambleside, Grasmere and Windermere.  

We have a number of Private Lake District Tours available which visit Casterigg Stone Circle, or you can create your own tour to include a visit.

Below: A sunny day at Castlerigg with snow covered tops: