Mountain Goat Environmental Statement

As the North of England’s leading small group tour company, our mission is to deliver responsible and sustainable travel helping visitors reduce their environmental impact. We recognise the impact of our own business activities on our environment and work to limit the day-to-day impact of our own actions by:

  • Complying with all relevant transport and environmental regulations and legislation

  • Minimising waste production including by promoting avoidance, reduction, re-use, recovery, and recycling

  • Ensuring our use of natural resources is sustainable where possible

  • Procuring goods and services which are environmentally responsible and ideally local.

  • Working with our suppliers to raise and maintain a high level of understanding of environmental best practice to positively influence our operating area.

  • Raising and maintaining a high level of understanding of environmental best practices within our team.

  • Continue to plan for the future and keep informed of positive changes we can make.