Mountain Goat Environmental Statement

As the North of England’s leading small group tour company, our team is mindful of the spectacular environment we share with animals, trees and plants. We therefore recognise it as our responsibility to manage the environmental impacts our services may have.  As we are based in the Lake District UNESCO World Heritage Site and visit other various National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is vital we consider the impact on our surroundings and educate visitors too. We currently hold a Silver Green Tourism Award for best environmental practice and continue to evaluate our work practises to ensure we meet and exceed these expectations.  

Our core activity is sightseeing tours of Northern England including the Lake District, Yorkshire and North Wales in 16- Seater minibuses. This activity provides a sustainable and environmentally economic public transport system.

Our tours take visitors off the beaten track where larger coaches can’t reach, visiting rural communities by using our minibuses it is more environmentally friendly than all our passengers using their individual cars, which would increase pollution and traffic.

We recognise the impact of our own business activities on our environment and work to limit the day-to-day impact of our own actions by:

Cleaner transport

  • Complying with all relevant transport and environmental regulations and legislations
  • We operate a fleet of modern fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Our Minibuses are fully emissions compliant with European directive EURO5 & EURO6.
  • All our drivers are trained on SAFED and eco-driving
  • Our departure points are ideally located for passengers to arrive by train, bus or on foot.
  • Reduce vehicle idling

Combatting waste

  • Minimising waste production by promoting avoidance, reduction, re-use, recovery, and recycling
  • Lost property is donated to local charities
  • Use of low energy lighting and switch off appliances and lighting when not in use.
  • Ensuring our use of natural resources is sustainable where possible
  • Procuring goods and services which are environmentally responsible and ideally local.
  • Working with our suppliers to raise and maintain a high level of understanding of environmental best practice to positively influence our operating area.
  • Raising and maintaining a high level of understanding of environmental best practices within our team.
  • Continue to plan for the future and keep informed of positive changes we can make.

Raising awareness

  • We encourage all visitors to leave their surroundings how they were found, including not littering and not taking any item including stones or rocks home with them.
  • We respect all signs, regulations and policies implemented by the Nationals Parks we visit
  • All our driver-guides park appropriately as not to block any gateways, entrances or narrow roads.
  • Encourage passengers to dispose of their litter in recycling bins where possible.