Why we use What3Words Helping customers with pick up locations.


What 3 Words 

The world has been split up into 3mX3m squares with each being given its own unique name, so you can pinpoint an exact location, anywhere in the world! We use What3Words at Mountain Goat to help make your pick up location so much easier to find. 

How to use it

Open what3words in your browser or download the app

Click the search bar, enter a street address, postcode or place name,

Then select the correct search result.



It makes it a really easy way for people to find their correct location, especially when they’re in a new area and may be a little less sure. 

All our pick up locations can be found on our website under Departure Points.


Pick Ups- Don’t be alarmed! 

When you’re waiting for your driver-guide, please don’t be alarmed if they aren’t exactly on time. We ask that you allow a five minute leeway for traffic before ringing the office. Please ring us to check  nothing is untoward if your driver-guide has not arrived after that five minute leeway. 

On a morning we have several tours going out at the same time, you may see a number of our buses out and about. If you are standing waiting for your driver and see a Mountain Goat Bus drive past. Don’t panic! Your driver hasn’t forgotten you, note this probably isn’t your tour bus.