This week marks the start of residents week, where locals from all over Cumbria are entitled to 50% off Mountain Goat tours

April marks the beginning of the summer season for us at Mountain Goat and to celebrate it starting we are holding a residents week where everyone who lives in Cumbria is entitled to a discount on any of our tours.

The week comences today, April 8th and will finish on Sunday April 14th.

If you're a Cumbrian resident you can can contact Mountain Goat at our head office to book yourself on on a tour. You will receive 50% off your purchase.

Every tour is available for residents to purchase, whether you would like to go on a half day tour or one of our full day trips, there is something to suit everyone!

Adventure over the highest and steepest mountain passes on the High Adventure Tour or soak up the stunning scenery on the Ten Lakes Spectacular. 

Children who wish to participate with their families must be aged five or over.