It's squirrels galore in the Yorkhire Dales, Mountain Goat's upcoming private hires will help you make memories to last a lifetime

Mountain Goat are currently working on our next wave of private hire itineraries, working with independent businesses indiviuals around England's national parks to create incredible experiences for our passengers. 

In York, our team are hard at work finding adventures for travellers to make memories which will last a life time. 

One of out upcoming itineraries focuses on one of Britain’s most endearing creatures is the native Red Squirrel.


Instantly recognisable with its bright red fur and bushy tail it is now one of the most endangered and is rarely glimpsed in its natural habitat of remote thick woodlands.

Its decline started in 1870’s when the American Grey Squirrel was introduced as fashionable additions to large estates. What they didn’t know at the time that this would start a 150 year battle for food, habitat and ultimately survival that the Red Squirrel has been losing ever since.

Red Squirrels chances are diminishing year on year, not only is its natural habitat being slowly being destroyed by human development, the Grey Squirrel carry a virus which although harmless to itself is deadly to its red cousin.

It is believed today that the Grey Squirrel outnumbers the Red by 20 to 1

Nowadays the Red Squirrel survive in just a few pockets of managed woodlands dotted mainly around the North of England and Scotland. Grey Squirrels found in these sanctuaries are trapped and released back into the wild which allows the Red Squirrel to thrive.

Mountain goat have joined forces with professional Photographer Paul Fowlie to give squirrel lovers the chance to see these timid little creatures up close and personal. Paul owns squirrel hides inside one of the last Red Squirrel strongholds in the country.

There is space for 6 people in his 2 hides, one set up in woodland and another next to a reflection pool offering the best chance to see and photograph them.


We are combining our skills as guides of the Yorkshire Dales with Paul’s knowledge of the Red Squirrels to give you a unique chance to explore the Dales as well as watch and photograph the squirrels.

Join as we head deep into the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. We must join Paul at his hides in the morning as that is when the squirrels are most active and will give you the best chance to get some great photos.

We will spend approximately 2 hours at the hide before heading for some lunch in a traditional local pub in the nearby town of Hawes.

There will be a chance to drop in at the famous Wensleydale creamery before we spend the afternoon heading off uphill and down dale for a scenic tour in the Dales of your choice.

Keep an eye out on our website for when this initerary goes live!