National Apprenticeship week 2022

#naw2022     #BuildTheFuture

This week it is National Apprenticeship Week and Build the future is the theme for a second year running for focusing on the benefits that apprenticeships can have on individuals, businesses and local communities, Josh tells us about his experience being on an apprenticeship.

I am a Sales and Marketing executive who joined the company a month ago, I started my degree apprenticeship a year and a half ago whilst working in hospitality. It has been an inspiring and welcoming first month surrounded by passionate and lovely people, all with a clear devotion to the company and the people that make it.

Below are my thoughts on apprenticeships in general.

Apprenticeships build skills supply now and for the future, and form an important part of many organisations’ recruitment, skills and business strategies. Apprenticeships offer outstanding access to skilled careers across a wide range of occupations and industries. This drives innovation through development of skills and support to maximise potential.

With the ever-increasing university fees, the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship in the visitor economy at the University of Cumbria is a great example as to why it is beneficial to learn whilst you earn. This gives you a great platform to develop academically and professionally. The topics include Business Finance, Operations, Digital marketing, PR and Sales and Leadership. This is met with the experience of the tutors who all have a background in the relevant sector, proving valuable knowledge and insight into an ever-changing environment.

The hands-on experience alongside the theoretical learning is priceless for development and building your skill set. Being able to apply the theory into the workplace to propel changes and innovation. The assignments are a very useful aspect of the course as these are all applied into the workplace creating a dynamic understanding of the operations of the business

I would recommend an apprenticeship to anybody who wants to bolster their career and acquire valuable skills and experience in your chosen sector, then improving your CV and employability in general. This is in comparison to a full-time student who hasn’t had the opportunity to be in a workplace gaining the valuable hands-on experience that you could.