An exploration of Yorkshire's history - By Lee (Mountain Goat Driver and Guide - Yorkshire)

If ever there was a place where I would choose to raise my children or even loved to have grown up in myself, then Hutton le Hole is that place.

Nestled just a few miles within the boundary of the North York Moors National Park, with its undulating village green dissected by a tumbling stream and surrounded by honey coloured sandstone cottages, the idyllic Hutton le Hole is quite simply the picture perfect village of the North York Moors.


I imagine paddling in the stream, playing hide and seek and exploring the surrounding moors every time I pass through the village. Could life have been any better as a child?

At the centre of the village is the typical village Pub, The Crown, an ice cream parlour, and various cafés. 

Hidden away there is a small industrial area where locals ply their trade in the tiny chocolate factory and local craft studios, all of which welcome visitors.


I would excuse anyone for walking straight past the star attraction in the village, The Ryedale Folk Museum.

In all honesty, for me, the mention of a folk museum simply conjures an image of moth eaten, tattered, and rusty relics form a bygone era but ignoring this folk museum would be a huge mistake.

Ryedale Museum is an open air museum spread across 6 acres of land all hidden behind the unassuming entrance, a rather different sight to the imagined dark, dingy, mess strewn rooms.

You can take a leisurely stroll amongst 20 different historical buildings ranging from a medieval manor house to a thatched 18th century crofters cottage which were all dismantled, transported and reconstructed in the grounds of the museum.


Each one is laid out with artefacts from its period in history.

There are permanent exhibitions displaying historic artefacts such as farming equipment and archaeological finds from the area.

The Mountain Goat team have decided it is high time that a tour should include the chance to explore this beautiful place so Hutton le Hole and the Ryedale Folk Museum are now included on our Historic Yorkshire tour.

The tour also includes stops at the beautiful Rievaulx terrace, a Georgian terrace with unrivalled views of Rievaulx Abbey ruins below.

There will be ample time to Whitby and enjoy fish and chips while strolling around the historic streets and harbour.

The Historic Yorkshire is a truely scenic journey exploring the incredible landscapes and delving into the rich history the area has to offer.