Unsure of whether to explore independently or join a tour? Here's 5 reasons why tours are a great option for everyone:

Ideal for solo travellers and groups

Exploring unfamiliar areas whilst traveling solo can be an intimidating process. It can also be expensive to hire transport just for yourself, not to mention the difficulty of navigating roads and finding destinations you’ve never been to before. Joining a scheduled tour eliminates all of these problems, allowing you to join other like-minded individuals. On the other hand, scheduled tours are also great for groups; we can fit up to 15 passengers in one minibus so you can all travel in one vehicle and take in the spectacular scenery together.


Get the best experience of the area

Our driver guides are all local, meaning they have expert knowledge and information about the areas you’ll visit and pass. You’d be surprised at the number of stories and history behind places and artifacts that you will pass and may not even notice otherwise. Additionally, our tours follow carefully crafted routes that take in all of the greatest sights in the area, covering each of the most sought-after spots. Mountain Goat takes passengers ‘off the beaten track’, allowing you to experience the areas that are harder to get to and discover hidden gems that won't be overcrowded. 


Travel within a time frame

Time restraints can greatly influence what you experience in your time away. Tours give the opportunity to see a lot within a short period of time. Sample the very best of what an area has to offer by experiencing the local treasures, cuisines and famous sites in a single day. Carefully crafted itineraries use planned routes chosen specifically so that they see the most attractions within one day.


Value for money

With great transport, experienced driver guides and a fabulous itinerary, taking a tour turns out to be brilliant value for money. You’re able to make the most out of your time in your chosen destination with a high quality experience for an affordable price.


Less planning

Take the time and stress out of organising transport, routes and itineraries. Northern England public transport is not known for being the most reliable or readily available; with Mountain Goat, you can be picked up from a pickup location close to you in a luxury vehicle by an experienced driver that knows the roads. You’re in safe company and can trust that you will be visiting all the best spots in the area with local knowledge at hand.