We all love the Lake District, but how well do we actually know it?

We all love the Lake District, but how well do we actually know it? The Lake District is our office and we travel around it daily, all year long! We love what we do as each day brings something different.

Here at Mountain Goat we have put together a little Lake District Picture Quiz to test your knowledge! I must say, some of these locations are quite tricky – even for us. How well do you think you will do?

  1. I’m slightly frozen here, but can you guess the nearest pier?

  2. I’m photographed quite a lot, can you guess this spectacular spot?

  3. It’s stones galore, have you been here before?

  4. This world famous view, should be an easy one for you?

  5. Through stunning gardens I’m hard to see, can you guess where we might be?

  6. The views from here are world class, can you guess this mountain pass?

  7. Walkers come here for a good old hike, I’m a Wainwright favourite, I’m the …….

  8. Let Mountain Goat can take you here - it's no hassle, then you can enjoy this magnificient castle!

  9. It’s stunning up here so bring a snack, enjoy the superb views and get off the beaten track.

  10. At ¾ mile long and 55 feet deep, you can also find the famous ‘Wordsworth’s Seat’.


How do you think you did? Check your answers below!

If you would like to visit any of the above places then please do get in touch, from our scheduled tours to our private tours, we also have a fantastic bespoke tour service where we can can create the perfect itinerary to suit you! 







1. Derwentwater

2. Ashness Bridge

3. Castlerigg Stone Circle

4. Wastwater

5.  Hilltop

6. Newlands Pass

7. Langdale Pikes

8. Wray Castle

9. Wrynose Pass

10. Rydal Water