Daffodils are blooming and lambs are bleating, here's five reasons why spring is one of the best times to visit the Lake District

Spring officially begins next week on March 20th 2020 but in the Lake District we're beginning to see the seasons change and spring is definitely in the air.

The Lake District is a beautiful place year round, it is home to glistening lakes in summer, vibrant colours in the autumn months and snow covered peaks in the winter and spring is no less breathtaking.

At the end of March, right when springtime comes into full bloom in this incredible national park, Mountain Goat will roll out our summer timetabe allowing visitors and locals to explore every far-flung corner and hidden nook and cranny of the national park.

Out on tour passengers are sure to be treated to incredible spring views, with trees regaining their leaves, flowers beginning to bloom and lambs lining the lush green fields. 

Here's five of our favourite reasons why you should visit the Lake District in spring:

1. The incredible landscapes


The landscapes of the Lake District are beautiful all year round, but something about spring time makes the stunning scenery extra special. 

When the leaves of the trees return and begin to blossom, the weather slowly begins to change from storms to pale sunhine, and flowers bloom in the woodlands and low lying areas of the Lakeland fells.

Whethere you decide on walking along the verdant valleys or travelling to the top fo the high mountain passes you'll be sure to find a beautiful view awaits you.

2. Bloomin' good flowers


In March daffodils bloom in abundance around the Lake District National Park, huge collonies can be found in fields, on the shores of glistening lakes and in woodland areas.

The Lake District is well known for the famous poet William Wordsworth who wrote the poem names after the flower on his wanderings from his home in Grasmere. 

It's not just daffodils which burst into the fields when spring hits, during the later parts of the season in May bluebells paint the national park blue, places like Rannerdale Knotts are well worth a visit if you're in the area at this time of year!

3. Attractions, attractions, attractions


With the spring time comes the reopening of many brilliant attractions in the Lake District, from our very own Mountain Goat Tours which get you off the beaten track to the most tranquil and beautiful parts of the national park to cruising on one the areas stunning lakes. 

Attractions which close over the winter reopen their doors and make magical experiences available for people of all ages in one of the most beautiful places in the country.

4. New life


Wildlife and livestock are both abundant in the Lake District and in the spring time comes the promise of new life in the form of calves and lambs and other animals. 

If you visit the Lakes in spring you're sure to see plenty of lambs leaping through the fields bleeting merily, alongside the the wild birds singing through the trees. 

It's easy to see where the famous author, Beatrix Potter got her inspiration from. 

5. Food and drink


The Lake District is home to many fabulous cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants, many with an ethos of providing the highest-quality, locally sourced food and drink to customers from around the world.

Here you'll find several menus addapted to the spring time harvest, what can be forraged in the surrounding woodland and meats sourced from local farms.

The national park is a destination many foodies should concider visiting and during the spring the incredible eateries provide a delectible, traditional Lakeland dining experience for everyone!