Can we tempt you to our Hadrian's Wall day tour from Windermere, Bowness & Ambleside?

Mountain Goat's Roman Britain and Hadrian's Wall tour offers a fantastic day out to Hadrian’s Wall with time to explore a superb Roman site and two award winning museums. The Roman Army Museum, which is situated next to one of the most complete sections of Hadrian’s Wall, uses stunning real 3D technology in a specially designed film theatre and interactive displays enable visitors to understand what life was like for soldiers on this northern frontier. This accessible museum has its own Latin classroom with a teacher who emerges from the past via a hologram to give an entertaining lesson in maths and morals. The museum also houses unique Roman artefacts such as the only surviving Roman helmet crest and a set of four hipposandals (Roman horse shoes).


Our day tour from Windermere also includes time at Roman Vindolanda which lies a mere 7 miles east of the Roman Army Museum and is highly regarded as one of the most fascinating and exciting sites in the Roman world.  Vindolanda is home to the ‘Vindolanda Writing Tablets’, these small thin wooden letters were voted Britain’s top treasure by the British Museum.  A collection of these precious documents along with thousands of other extraordinary artefacts from everyday Roman life are displayed in the modern museum.   The Vindolanda excavation season begins in April and visitors have the opportunity to observe the live excavations which run Monday to Friday until September. In addition visitors can enjoy the beautiful gardens, which house a number of replica Roman buildings including a charming temple and make use of the excellent tea room. Mountain Goat's tour runs every Friday from April 5th to November 1st 2019, so there is a good chance you can witness live excavations. 


These are just two of the highlights on our fantastic day tour. Hadrian's wall really is the focus of the day and you will learn so much about Hadrian and his army as you drive alongside it. With hotel pick ups available for those who book direct, Mountain Goat have made visiting Hadrians Wall incredibly easy!