Meet Sam, Mountain Goats apprentice.

National Apprenticeship Week celebrates and brings attention to the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses and the local economy.

Mountain Goats apprentice Sam tells us why about his experience so far.

Tell us about your apprenticeship

I’m currently enrolled in the Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship. It’s a 3-year course starting at a level 3 and ending with a level 6. I have a variety of lecturers from a wide range of industries from Hospitality to theatre which allows me to learn from their experience and trust their credibility in what they are teaching.  We have a lesson once a week and move onto a new muddle every 4 weeks and in the last week, we are made to give a presentation to the class about our projects and how they link to the businesses we work for.  In addition to our academic side, we must show how we are applying our knowledge to our business, through keeping a log of all the hours that we spend on working on projects that correlate to what we have been learning. This helps us keep track of our development and keep evidence for our final year.

Why did you decide to get an apprenticeship?

I wanted to stay in education but  I had reservations about committing to university due to the size of the personal and financial commitment . I had a meeting with the director of Mountain Goat, he mentioned how one of Mountain Goat’s senior management team had gone through an apprenticeship with them and it was a successful investment as she is now an integral part of the team. He then offered to have a meeting with the apprenticeship team at the University of Cumbria to discuss the possibility of an apprenticeship. From here it all moved very fast, but I remain happy with my decision to stay around the Lake District with my family and friends working for a business that represents my values.

 Would you recommend people doing an apprenticeship?

Yes, I would absolutely recommend  an apprenticeship to people. I appreciate it's not for everyone, it depends on your personal life, your preferred industry, and whether you are someone who enjoys working and learning simultaneously. Taking an apprenticeship also allows you to network and gain working relationships with people in your industry that can help you in your career as well as learning whilst getting an education helps you get a head start on everyone else because you have the experience to back the qualifications. Use it to propel your work and educational career forward, putting you in good stead for the rest of your working life.