Exploring The Magnificent Muncaster Castle!

Muncaster Castle is one of the stops on our High Adventure Tour. I, to my shame, had never visited until I tagged along on one of Mountain Goats most popular tours.

Originally, I am from Northumberland, the land of castles. You can’t throw a stone without hitting a castle round there. Whereas in the Lake District there aren't so many. So, I was thrilled to go along and pay a visit.

You get a decent time to be able to visit the castle grounds, they have an impressive bird of prey show which is well worth a watch! I was too busy enjoying it to be able to take pictures.

So, you will have to take my word for it.

The castle itself is very impressive, it stands majestically overlooking the valley below. With spectacular views across green rolling hills, the fells and mountains of the Lake District are clearly seen in the distance. I was able to quickly pop my head into the castle and look inside, I had already been pre warned of the ghostly activity that has reportedly taken place over the years and I was keen to have an experience. However, apart from a pleasant one, I am sorry to say I did not encounter any ghosts or ghouls. But, I was far too busy trying to see everything so perhaps the ghosts appreciated that I was a busy woman.

The most famous ghost is Tom Fool, the 16th century fool of the castle, one prank he would play would be directing unsuspecting people into quicksand. Only if he didn’t like the look of you! There are countless stories or ghost activity but as the castle is hundreds of years old, there's bound to be.To this day, the castle still has a resident fool, the tradition still remains and every year a castle fool is appointed! 

The interior of the castle was certainly impressive and remains a lovely family home. But I must admit I was very taken by the gardens, as the sun was shining, I was keen to make the most of it.  It really is a lovely place to visit.

Of course, a trip out would not be complete without a cup of tea and something sweet! The castle tea rooms are well worth a stop off. With a selection of homemade cakes and biscuits there is plenty to choose from. If you are visiting with little ones there is also a park where they can blow off some steam but with the size of the gardens there is ample space in the grounds for them to run free.

So, you can visit with us at Mountain Goat as part of your High Adventure Tour or take yourself and explore the castle. I vote, come with us, then you can sit back and tuck into some treats whilst we drive you back home.