Malcolm Brooks, one of Mountain Goats's long serving driver guides, has retired from the company after 13 years

Mountain Goat has said goodbye to a long standing driver guide who has been with the company for 13 years.

Malcolm Brooks, who has driven passengers around the Lake District, Hadrian's Wall and York since the early 2000's has retired after a successful career with the company.


Everyone at the company would like to wish him good luck for the future, Robin Tyson, operations director for Mountain Goat, said: "I would personally like to thank Malcolm for the effort he has put in over the last few years.

"We will not forget his good nature and quick wit in a hurry. It is always sad to see a member of our team go but we wish Malcolm all the best for the future."

During his 13 year stint as a driver guide for Mountain Goat, Malcolm created a list of the nationalities of his passengers.

He believes he has taken thousands of people from 92 countries on tours of the Lake District and has passed over Kirkstone pass to many times to count!

Malcolm wrote a letter to Mountain Goat's MD, Stephen Broughton, in it he said: "I would like to thank you most sincerely for the gifts and card which you gave us on Friday. It was most generous and they are very much appreciated.

"I have enjoyed my time at 'The Goat'. As with any employment there were bad days but these were very heavily outwighed by the good days of beautiful scenery great colleagues and lots of lovely passengers."

You may be interested to know that I met people from over 90 nationalities at least during my 13 yeahs at Mountain Goat.

"I will stay in touch with everyone, and wish yourself, all the staff and the company well in the future, and warn any drivers I will be watching out for them in Kelso!"

Good luck Malcolm, enjoy the next step!