The safety of our team and passengers is paramount, that's why we have adapted our procedures.

Updated: August 2022


There is no longer a legal requirement to self isolate if you have COVID-19 and free routine testing is no longer available for the vast majority in the England. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 we would strongly advise you to reconsider your plans. If you have booked directly with us, please contact our office in the first instance, if you have booked through a third party website, you will need contact your agent. 


Social distancing rules no longer apply.

We operate minibuses that can carry a maximum of 16 or 19 people onboard. On public scheduled tours we will monitor capacity limits on our tour buses, but the maximum customer per vehicle is set at that vehicles legal limit - usually this will be 16 passengers. However, no one will be sat directly next to another person they have not booked with. For example two solo travellers would not sit next to each other on a double seat. The main aisle or an empty seat will be used to space passengers out, please note all rows on buses will be used. Also we may use seating plans and ask you to sit in a specific seat.


The use of face mask or coverings is now a personal choice for passengers and is not compulsory. 


Our fleet of executive vehicles will be sanitised before the start of each tour as well as during the tour whilst passengers take time off the vehicle. We will continue to provide driver-guides with more time to clean. As well as the cleaning products to do deeper cleans between customer groups. We will keep screens behind the drivers and encourage the regular airing of buses and when appropriate whilst travelling, e.g. opening roof vents when it's not raining. Hand sanitiser will be freely available and we are inputting increased hygiene procedures. Our driver-guides will be conducting additional deep cleaning and disinfection of handrails, door handles, seats and overhead compartments on a daily basis. 


Our knowledgeable, friendly and professional driver-guides have under taken COVID training to ensure they are giving the best experience at the highest standards. Our driver-guides are encoruaged not to work if they are feeling unwell and have symptoms of COVID-19. Our driver-guides have a diverse and colourful background including park rangers, police officers and teachers, many living in the national parks their whole lives. They will tell you the history of their homeland as well as tales of their professional lives within the national park too. They love sharing the hidden gems and they'll let you in on the local favourites.


Book a private tour or transfer in your own bubble and enjoy time with loved ones, you've missed during lockdown or treat your hero and spend the day doing your favourite things. Whether that's a luxury picnic on the fell side taking in the views of our beautiful national parks or taking a guided stroll around one of our lakes or gardens. 

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We work with trusted suppliers across the national parks. All attractions and places we visit as well as recommend have been hand selected by us and they meet our hygiene and safety standards.


Passenger will enjoy increased time of the vehicle to enjoy the fresh air, wide open spaces of the National Parks and explore their surroundings. We will take you off the beaten track to the lesser known spots, where you can experience the countryside without sharing.


We are keeping our flexible booking terms encase any of our passengers need to cancel their trips for any reason. Our scheduled tours can be cancelled 24-hours beforehand and receive a full refund. 

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After reviewing this page if you require any further clarification then please contact us directly.