We are excited to announce an exclusive tour on the 3rd of June for the Queens 70th year on the throne!

On the 2nd of June, we are excited to announce that we have an exclusive regal tour, commemorating Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum jubilee 2022. To mark 70 years on the throne we are dedicating a tour fit for royalty, visiting Wray Castle, cruising on England’s largest lake and enjoying a delicious cream tea at Lindeth Howe Hotel at the start of the Jubillee bank holiday!

This is an afternoon of celebration, marking the Queens Jubilee, firstly we are going to visit the mock-gothic castle on the shores of Lake Windermere. Wray castle is a place that has dramatic scenery and is a great start to the tour, commencing the royalty theme!

The tour also introduces you to the incredible landscapes and cultures of the Lake District. Travel through valleys and forests and visit the beauty spots that are loved by the Royal Family, especially Kate Middleton

We will take a lake cruise on England's largest lake, where you can marvel at the beauty of the Lake District from the tranquil waters themselves. The same cruise that the Queen herself has enjoyed in 1956 and again in 2013!

After this, the tour will then head for an exclusive cream tea at Lindeth howe, 

Come and Celebrate with us!