Mountain Goat's new, hand crafted itinerary promises an adventurous day out in the England's first ever national park

Enjoy a full day tour to the UK's first ever national park, the Peak District, and explore the incredible scenery, historical towns and local legends that make this place one of the most magical in the UK.

The hand-crafted, meticulously planned itinerary will introduce visitors to the magical landscapes and the rich history of this area of England. 

The landscapes are split into the Dark Peak which is defined by the dark gritstone and is home to moorlands which stretch for miles into the horizon, and the White Peak, where limestone crags stand jutting from the side of the small hills and shine bright in the sun.

The Peak District has been inhabited for thousands of years and as such is brimming with incredible history and heritage which passengers will learn about during their journey through the rolling hills and gently winding valleys.

The Peak district became the UK's first national park in 1951 following years of unrest with the general public about being denied access to areas of open country. The Kinder Tresspass is a landmark in the campaign for general access to open moorland in the country which led to the birth of national parks almost 20 years later.


This national park is home to the famous Chatsworth House, the seat of the Duke of Devonshire and home to the Cavendish family for hundreds of years. No tour of this beautiful area would be complete without a visit to the open grounds of this iconic stately home.

The tour will also include stops at the famous Ladybower and Derwent Reservoirs where the Derwent Dam is located. This incredible feat of engineering was used by the "Dam Buster" pilots to practice low level flying during WWII.


Explore the stunning valleys, rolling hills and lush, verdant fields as you pass under Mam Tor, the Mother Hill, and travel through quaint medieval villages home to Norman Castles and ancient landmarks.

This fabulous new tour will leave Manchester every Friday, more information can be found at the tour page on the Mountain Goat website.