5 Reasons Why We Think our Driver-Guides Are a Better Experience than Your Car!

The freedom of driving a car and being able to choose your own schedule does have its benefits, as you are able to spend as long as you want at each place, and check out little-known spots along the Lake District country roads.

But what are the main reasons for you to travel in the first place?

We think that some of the reasons are as follows:

-To experience something unexpected,

-To learn something new and surprising,

-Be able to take back with you interesting memories and stories.

This is where we come in =)

So, here are five reasons why we would suggest to travel with us to experience the Lake District or York. As opposed to driving your car and having to nagivate the roads yourselves. There is also the bonus point of being more sustainable on tour. This is because if we have a full minibus, this is 16 passengers, now if you imagine all 16 passengers set off doing the same route in their own car. There will be a larger fuel consumption, increased traffic on the roads, higher carbon footprint.

1. Stories


You could flick through a travel guide for the Lake District,

But, we would rather that you had stories told by faces and voices rather than letters and pages. And our guides have a genuine passion and enthusiasm for sharing their love of the Lake District, that is priceless.

Some things you may have heard before, whilst other facts will make your ears prick up and your jaw drop. Every driver-guide has their own story and unique knowledge of the area, as well as a varied ammo of anecdotes

We have found over the years that our passengers cannot wait to tell their friends/family about certain views, stories or facts that they loved.


2. Knowledge of the Best Spots


We’ve all been there.

You jump in the car with absolutely no plan apart from the fact that you want to explore, excited about continuing your holiday but have no idea where to go next. Then, you end up driving for most of the day as you got lost and could not find the places you had planned too.

We are able to take this stress away from you, whilst also letting you absorb the landscape and scenery, because when you are focused on driving roads you have not driven before, the views around are being missed.

Another dilemma, do you go to the spots that everyone knows about?

Or do you take a risk and explore off-the-beaten-track to try to find a hidden gem?

The advantage of having a Mountain Goat driver-guide is that dilemma has already been solved for you, and the decisions about what to see have been influenced by thousands of travellers’ experiences before you.

This means that whilst visiting the known spots in the Lake District, we also visit niche beauty spots, meaning you do not have to stress to build an itinerary, as we have had 1000s of passengers over the years, we are confident in showing you some of the most stunning landscapes in the world!

3. Meeting new people



On our tours, you meet nationalities from all over the world.

Not only is it fun sharing your trip with like-minded travellers, we have found that our passengers love to share tips regarding the local areas that they have been to so far, meaning as well as the driver guides knowledge, you also have others input into your decision making, as it can be very hard to decide where exactly to go, as there is so much to see and do! 

Our driver-guides create a lovely atmosphere on tours, relaxed and friendly, which is the perfect enviroment to meet new people.


4. More Memorable



We find that being a part of a group and sharing the experience with others, means that the day is more memorable. 

Also, because you are not driving, this gives ample time for photo opportunties, so in a few years time, you are able to look back and reminisce.

Lastly, because the driver guides have such a depth of knowledge on the area, the amount you will learn, laugh and see in one day is bound to be memorable. Creating memories and friendships is all in a days touring for our guides.

5. Sit Back and Relax



We are not sure about you, but after a day of meeting new people, new experiences and witnessing uncanny scenery, we are exhausted! 

The last thing we want to do is jump in the car and pay attention to the road to return home.

Luckily, at the end of the day, our driver-guides are there to take you back home with their vast experience of the local roads and area.

It means you sit back, relax, and remember all the fun you’ve had that day.

So whether you choose to drive or join us for a tour, there’s no denying the benefits of having a driver-guide by your side.