Reds, yellows, greens and reds - The Lake District is possibly the most beautiful in autumn

When many think of the Lake District they think of jagged fells, sparkling lakes and lush green forests which stretch for miles on the horizon, but as the summer begins to fade the Lake District enters a magical, entrancing state. 


The colours swiftly change from green to yellow, the beginning of the end for the rusting leaves but one which signals that the new life of spring is on the way. 

Evergreens stand tall and proud amidst a sea of ever changing colours which, under the pale autumn sun, bathe the beautiful landscapes in a golden glow. Reds of every shade, from crimsons to muddy coloured leaves stand out against the landscapes.


The Lake District is a bucket-list destination for many travelers and is a place Mountain Goat couldn't be happier to call home. 

Our tours run throughout the autumn, so travellers can experience the changing landscapes first hand and marvel at the electric array of colours that stand out against the backdrop of the majestic fells.

We also run two of our tours throughout the winter months (starting 04th November 2019) and even then you can see the Lakes in all it's autumn glory.

If an autumn visit to the Lakes is something you would fancy, then head over to our tours page to book your tour today!