A trip to North York Moors & Whitby!

Only an hour out from the centre of York and in a North East direction, you reach the North York Moors. This is the usual route we take to get up to the old fishing port of Whitby, but in this wild and exposed area, we are always aware of the weather conditions, and choose our routes on the day.


Whitby, once a whaling and fishing centre for the North Sea and Atlantic, as well as the set off point for Captain James Cook’s voyages of discovery to Australia and New Zealand, has retained many of its old seafaring charms and is a great visit for a couple of hours. It also has some of the best Fish and Chips in Britain.

DSC_0509-Copy.JPGWhen you get a view of the sea from the top of the North York Moors, you see the ruins of Whitby Abbey standing out in stark contrast on the East Cliff. There has been a religious site here since the year 657 when it was part of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Northumbria.

Whitby is not the only reason to take the tour. The landscape, villages and small market towns we see throughout the day give a wonderful feeling for the beauty of the area, showing it’s farming and mining background as well as the natural wonder of heather moorlands across this glorious English National Park.

All told, a grand day out for any visitors to York when they want to see some of the other beauties Yorkshire has to offer. The North York Moors are a breath of fresh air that fills your lungs along with long views that stretch your eyes. Mountain Goat Tours goes up at least 4 times a week, so join us one day, or, if you have enough people in your party, enquire at our office about a private hire for the day or more.